Friday, 11 September 2009

Wild Swans

Confronted by this pair of hissing buggars while out walking the dog earlier on this (beautiful) evening. Swans are incredible animals - very elegant and all that - but why are they so bloody bad-tempered? I should have taken one for my pot. But then the queen would have had me arrested and sent to the Tower - or something. "Orf with his head!"

Sorry it's so dark - the camera on my phone is pants.

Amazing sky.

PS: There are loads of swans on this lake. They float around in formation like a squadron of light cruisers. They only bombard the shore from the air, though. Curious.

PPS: Swans, I suppose, are just like Wales: spectacular, but moody. I wouldn't have it any other way :)


  1. Watch out, those swines can break a man's arm!

    Been watching the last episode in series 2 of The Tudors today and I must say, Swan Pie looks tasty!

  2. Porterhouse Blue has been on again lately (great book, too). Whole roast swan features quite prominently in that. Looks tasty.

    But I wouldn't try to catch one of the hissing gits without some form of gun. They're pretty fierce.


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