Thursday, 17 September 2009

Red Rag Over Scotland

If you haven't already caught it, I strongly urge you to check out The Red Rag's coverage of the pisspoor behaviour of our pisspoor Attorney General, Baroness Scotland of Asthal (it's a village in Oxfordshire, apparently. Yeah, you and me both).

From The Rag's pretty much watertight, forensic analysis of her negligence and/or crimes surrounding her illegal immigrant employee, it is very hard to see how she can survive the remainder of the week. She is, after all, in charge of enforcement of the immigration laws that grew out of her government's immigration policy. Blunkett went for the same sort of thing, arguably. Otherwise, it's one rule for them, another for us, isn't it? And that won't do.

A well-deserved, partial scalp for Ollie C. is almost certainly on the cards, then. And, into the bargain, this represents one more step along that long and bumpy road to the final collapse of this Labour government. Good news.

(Via Guido).


  1. One more rotten apple from an increasingly putrid basket. Makes you miss the good old days of Tory sleaze when it was mainly about being caught caning (or being caned by) your mistress.

  2. A slow and painful death seems to be what they've settled for, just like Major. But Major was a bloody titan compaired to Brown. And you're dead on the money: Labour sleaze makes the naughty Tories of that era look like choir boys.

    Talking of choir boys, why has Mandelson suddenly vanished from our screens?


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