Saturday, 7 November 2009

Ali G On Wales

I visited the Big Pit mining museum (seen at the start of this clip) a few months ago. It was damp. Wish I'd seen this video before I went. "That is - a crap job." Lol.

Just looked at this post again and realised that some people might form the wrong impression about the Pwll Mawr National Coal Museum on the strength of it. I just want to say that I really had a marvellous time there and enjoyed its many outstanding and informative exhibitions, such as the Pithead Baths and the mine itself (to name but two of many), immensely, all the while looked after by a friendly, expert staff, some of whom were miners themselves before the entire industry sadly fell victim to a combination of the cold equations of global economics and the collateral damage that is always the by-product of ideological warfare.

Wales, especially West Wales, still boasts about 300 year's worth of the cleanest coal in the world, you know. Perhaps we'll need it one day.

Anyway, just wanted to clear that up.


  1. It'll get dug up eventually, once the price of coal makes it financially viable.

  2. I hope so, UB. I've just had my chimney reopened (and gas fire removed) so I can burn wood and old newspapers. It's cheaper than gas but nowhere near as good as anthracite!


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