Thursday, 5 November 2009

Enjoy The Silence

George Osborne, sometime lead singer of Depeche Mode, sets out his stall for a UK economic recovery:

Words are very very unnecessary. Because actions speak louder than words, Osborne's first action upon hearing news of a Conservative triumph a few months from now should be immediately to start a nationwide audit so we can all find out just how big a hole Brown and Labour has left Britain in, and start to rebuild from a subsequently known, deep bottom.

Whatever: the point is that once Brown is gone, we will enjoy his silence - massively. We'll celebrate it for years to come (I will).

PS: Yes, I know this video contains its own, terrible, accidental tragedy of setting. But that's the point - we have to move on from that horrible time. And dumping Brown and Labour is quite simply the beginning of the renewal here. It's a process that began in the USA a long time ago. As usual, we're just trying to catch up.

Vote Cameron - or get Brown.

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