Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Old Grinners, Part 1

One wonders how many of these venerable political veterans are actually going to make it to the next election, let alone keep their seats by fighting in it. Mind you, quite a few of them have been found with snouts firmly planted deep in the trough during the expenses scandal, so they're already treading water until the arrival of the first gold-plated pension cheque that will signal the blissful, foggy forgetfulness of retirement has finally begun. And how they've earned it! Douglas Hogg will finally be able to build that drawbridge he's always wanted, for instance. And Margaret Beckett won't have to pretend her main residence is a caravan for tax (evasion) reasons any more (even though it is).

Groovy. The one I'm most impressed with is John Horam MP of the Labour, SDP and Conservative parties. What a tart! Now that's a career politician. We shall never see his like again. Er...

PS: The YouTube channel from which this is nicked is one of my favourite nostalgia wells. You can find it here.

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