Wednesday, 4 November 2009

New Economic Life

George Osborne is four months older than me so he should appreciate the metaphorical total irrelevance of this piece of 1981 OMD dur - Depeche Mode - childhood pop toonery.

It just amazes me: just how much could I have achieved politically in 38 years, if only I'd never had a life.

Sadly, because of this utterly random, fateful imbalance, unlike Georgie, who "stands" for "stuff", I just vote. But don't mistake me for a sheep, Georgie, oh know. Don't fleece the people like Gordon has from day one, George. Bring us New Life.


  1. "George Osborne is four months older than me" and yet he looks like a young boy whilst you my very good friend...

    No I will not be rude, but he must still be on breast milk or something, he looks telve at most.

  2. OMD?

    Try Depeche Mode.

  3. lol - nonsensical late-night posting at its very worst.

    As for you,'ll keep ;)

  4. Rightwinggit: Of course I knew that, but I don't seem to be able to concentrate that well after a few glasses of Rioja.

    And I've always mixed up those two for some reason.

  5. I too look much younger than I am...I use it to my advantage and so should he. Mind you, I'm not allowed within 100 yards of the local sixth form common room now....bugger!

  6. Rofl.

    I, sadly, look my age - and then some. I just want Gerogie Osborne to act his ;)


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