Saturday, 14 November 2009

"Dead Cats Don't Bounce"

So goes the comment from "LTL" on this evening as Mike Smithson reports that two new polls will show that any hopes on the left of a reversal of Labour's fortunes, especially after the Tory policy shift on Europe and The Sun newspaper's personal assault on Brown, have been comprehensively snuffed out.

Tory pressman Henry Macrory has just Twittered to say “Two polls tonight will give Conservatives a 14pt lead”.

I assume that these are YouGov and ComRes. So it’s no change with the lead from YouGov but a one point increase from ComRes.

It seems therefore that "LTL" is quite right. Dead cats don't, in fact, bounce. Especially Brown ones.

David Cameron will be enjoying his Sunday lunch tomorrow. And so will I*.

(* enjoying mine, not his)

See the polls here.


  1. We both spotted it at the same time, Den!

    So much for that much vaunted (in the left wing press / BBC - i.e. one and the same thing) sympathy for Brown in the wake of the Sun-Janes affair...

    Maybe people do have more sympathy for him, but it's having bugger all effect on their voting intentions!

  2. Cheers, Dex. Exactly. People made their minds up about the moron a long time ago. The Tories would have to start shooting puppies to become more unpopular than Brown and I haven't heard of any Tory proposals for a Ministry of Puppy Murder so it looks like Brown's goose is well and truly cooked.

    As you suggest in your excellent post, the idea pushed by the Left media, including the BBC, that Brown would benefit from the Sun's outburst was a clear example of the wish being father of the thought.

    Further, and just so they are under no illusions about how loathed that one-eyed nation destroyer is, even if one of the puppies the Tories sentenced to death belonged to Brown himself, he STILL would be less popular than Cameron.

    That's how bad he is.

  3. As much as I love seeing the labour party sink in the polls, I see no joy anymore in seeing the tories do well.

    Who are these people who hate the fact that labour screwed us over Lisbon, but feel it is just hunky dory for Cameron to give Brown a pass on that and actually endorse that betrayal and defacto act of treason?

    I can never vote for a labour party that sold us out and committed treason against this sovereign Isle.

    I can never vote for a conservative party that refuses an in-or-out referendum either.

    Cameron has announced NOTHING realistic with which to protect our sovereignty.

    The reality of the situation is that the "in Europe but not run by Europe" ship has sailed. We cannot stop the other 26 EU countries from full integration, and we cannot stay where we are. The ONLY realistic choice left now is all the way in, or all the way out. We, the sovereign people of this sovereign Isle must be given a say. Instead we are to be offered 5 years of painful and fruitless negotiations whilst more of our sovereignty will be taken from us.

    There is little practical difference between Brown and Cameron. Both favour the enormous public sector, both are in complete agreement on Afghanistan and Iraq. Both are in the same globalist extremist "clubs" and are whores to the new world order. They are both anti-British extremists who are dedicated to the transfer of sovereignty to a foreign dicatatorship that has not beaten us in war. That is Treason. It is NOT their sovereignty to give away. It is OURS!

    Cameron COULD have been guarenteed a massive landslide victory, but he prefers treason.

    As much as I hate labour for the way that they have debased our nation, I have yet to see ANY viable evidence that the tories are capable of doing anything different. The EU is going to impose the rest of the new-labour agenda anyway, from ID cards to the surviellance society, to the rest of the socialist EUSSR dicatatorship.

    Everything changes December 1st, when the Lisbon Reform Treaty changes the whole EU. I guess a lot of tories have not woken up to that reality yet.

    Vote labour = endorse treason.
    Vote Conservative = endorse treason.

    I am a former tory who is now voting UKIP with pride. After all, what point will a Cameron Government be if we have a President Blair? or any other EU President for that matter?

  4. Interesting post, Anon. I accept all that you say but my first priority is to get this evil government out of power. The only way that can be done, realistically, is by backing the Tories to the hilt. When they are in power, then pressure will be brought to bear. And they had better respond to it, or else!

  5. ...get this evil government out of power.

  6. Anon, I think you need to get out more. And there is a world of difference between Cameron and Brown. Cameron is competent, Brown clearly isn't.

    I do agree there will likely be the full integration or out decision that will be forced on the UK in a couple of years but right now there are bigger fish to fry.

  7. UB, I hadn't noticed that comparison between Cameron and Brown (only really scanned anon's post tbh). It is rather silly. I'll be more careful with what I "accept" in future.


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