Saturday, 14 November 2009

The Best They Can Do

Shockingly pathetic though this laughable thing is, that's actually very positive, Tory wise.

Is it true that the best Labour can do is this lamest of the lame attack vids?

Watch it, be embarrassed and then realise that with this dead Labour government you are dealing with people who, because of an unhappy accident of democracy, don't care how much damage is done - in the "Labour" name.

Before the election, in their pathetic, tired, desperate search for re-election takes place, the people will have their way.

In Swansea, Labour is a busted flush.

But Labour doesn't really give shit one about anything apart from their own jobs. The local Labour boys care only about the prospect of losing the jobs they no longer deserve.

They had better watch out: the world is gunning for them.


  1. They haven't got a decent idea in their hollow little heads, D, this truly is woefully bad - useless twats!

  2. Totally agree. And thanks for not pointing out that that post made about as much sense as two bottles of a very tidy Australian red would allow it to, if you see what I mean ;)

  3. I know very well what you mean, D, I've got a couple of bottles of Koonunga Hill earmarked for Sunday consumption!

  4. lol. I'm still getting into my little Auction House stash now. Top Aussie vino, that.

    Koonunga Hill, eh? Posh pommie bastard!


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