Sunday, 3 January 2010

Hat tip to James Delingpole for flagging up in his latest blog post (about how the warmists and alarmists have just taken one step closer to prosecution for their deceptions and frauds, at least in the USA) an excellent new AGW debunking blog called, with refreshing bluntness, simply "Climategate." It does exactly what it says on the tin. If you are a fan of the truth, then check it out - you'll find the links in the sidebar. If you prefer the lies, however, then you are already well catered for (try 'realclimate' or the BBC, for instance).

"Climategate's" subtitle, by the way,"Anthropogenic global warming, history's biggest scam," fits in very nicely with Christopher Booker's latest superb remarks on the subject of the Met Office's role in "history's biggest scam." You can find it in today's Sunday Telegraph, here.

As for me, I'm sitting in front of my computer right now trying desperately to warm up after having walked my dog in sub zero temperatures down by the seaside. It's bloody freezing where I am - on the south coast of Wales. (What, in January? Never!)

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