Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Mandelson Equivocates

The Spectator, among others, reports that Mandelson has released a statement through a spokeman that is so equivocal, it will surely leave Brown quaking in his boots:
Peter Mandelson's much-awaited statement does not seem particularly full-throated in its support of the Prime Minister.
'No one should over-react to this initiative. It is not led by members of the government. No one has resigned from the government. The prime minister continues to have the support of his colleagues and we should carry on government business as usual.'

There is no praise for Brown and it almost reads as if someone did resign we would be into a totally different ball game.

Just so. In fact, to me it reads as a not-particularly well-disguised invitation for someone - anyone - in the cabinet to do just that: to resign. However, the statement hedges so much that I still think this thing, given the epic levels of spinelessness we're dealing with here, will amount to nothing. No one in the Labour party, let alone the cabinet, has the guts to change the game and it's that gutlessness that will end up costing them all very, very dearly at the general election.

They won't oust Brown because they are basically hopeless cowards. Cameron will be relieved to hear it.

Iain Dale has what looks like a bit of a scoop. Mandelson has pulled out of tonight's Newsnight, which is, if true, suspicious in the extreme. This thing could actually be on a knife edge, especially if it's Alistair Darling who's behind it and accepts Mandelson's invitation to quit. He hardly looked like he felt like being supportive at pmqs.

==Update 6.34pm==
Course it's not Darling. The Fink of the Times has reported:
Alistair Darling (Chancellor)- a statement: "As far as I'm concerned we should be concentrating on the business of government and getting though the recession".
Real spine there. Not. What he hell was I thinking...

I suppose this thing might still have legs if Harperson remains AWOL (Guido). But I doubt it.

Frankly, I'm beyond caring what the Labourist jellyfish do to themselves anymore. What a bunch of pathetic, squabbling, infantile nobodies.

Bring on the election so we can finally put them all out of our misery.


  1. Mandelson's statement might not have been full-throated in its support for the Prime Minister. It was intended, of course, to boost Mandelson himself. You see, he musn't be seen to rock the boat; on the other hand, he needs to be able to say afterwards, "well, I always had my doubts, was never a full Brown supporter" etc.

  2. It really is beginning to annoy me, this stuff, you know, Adam - a lot.

    And of course you are so right about Mandy. She's now perfectly positioned to take over when Brown is finally given the order of the boot. I wonder what his role in the phantom coup was. Guess we'll never know, but it has all the hallmarks of a Mandelson play, targeting Balls rather than Brown, perhaps...

    The long game, then. Scary man.


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