Wednesday, 6 January 2010

End of Story

The hideous Harperson has just released this statement, according to the Guardian:
We're all getting on with the job as ministers in the government which Gordon Brown leads. We're all united in our determination to do what's best for the country, which is for Labour, led by Gordon Brown, to win the general election.
To me, that's end of story, at least in terms of any challenge to Brown. But, and the Labourists better be absolutely clear about this, the damage has been done.

David Cameron and the Tories might be thrilled about this but my feelings are mixed, impatient as I am finally to see the end of the long, chilling nightmare that has been, and still is, Brown. For now, the nightmare continues.


  1. Brown being subjected to a successful putsch was always most likely a fantasy, despite the wishful thinking of the former Blair-loyalists now marooned on the back-benches.

    Ultimately the PLP doesn't have the structures or the spine to efficiently decapitate itself, especially when it has no apparent idea from whence it is to grow a new head...

    It now seems like a racing certainty that we'll be stuck with Brown until a General Election in May. The only thing left to wonder about is whether or not Brown will risk a By-Election to replace David Taylor or leave that constituency lacking a representative for 5 months... The latter would certainly be an act of cowardice from a PM afraid to risk the public's judgement very close to a General Election...

  2. You are spot on, Tony. And there will be no by election. Not before the election. That would be so out of character for a man like Brown, it renders even the remotest possibility unthinkable. I will put money on it.

    It's odd, isn't it, but that word 'cowardice' seems to be popping up all over the place when the subject is Brown, the cabinet and the Labour party in general? It's a meme that has spread in the public imagination and it's the thing that will really do for Brown and Labour in five, long months' time.

    They will be severely punished for many things, but above all for their abject cowardice.


Any thoughts?