Thursday, 28 January 2010

Yeah, Right

History's Most Honest Leaders
" I will fight corruption..."

"I will tell the truth at the Chilcot inquiry."

"I vill honour ze Munich Agreement with ze Pritishers"

Oh, and we mustn't forget the most compulsively honest man in the world, of course:
"It started in America..."
"We saved the world..."
"[fill in the blank - there's hundreds more to choose from]"

With men as honest as these, folks, you just know we're in safe hands.

Yeah. Right.


  1. How much has this little lot cost us.

    Now I promise I haven't seen the news, but I bet we agreed to pay up among the most in the world after America... Am I right?

    Endless amounts of money for a scheeme that has as much chance of working as a 20 year old Lada.

    Statesmen? Lord save us.

    PS... Where is Pol Pot and Stalin? They would fit in nicely in your list.

  2. With men as honest as these, D, who needs liars?

  3. Godwin's Law has been satisfied! ;o)


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