Saturday, 20 June 2009

Diddums Brown

The BBC, unsurprisingly, is making a huge thing out of Brown's discomfort during the challenge last week to his illegitimate leadership. He says he was 'hurt', according to the Beeb. But the entire article amounts to no more or less than a Gordon Brown publicity stunt.

We pay for that. And that pisses me off.

I agree with Brown: he was definitely hurt by evidence that he's not only useless, but a trougher too.

He was hurt - just not badly enough to make him an ex-Prime Minister.

Unless this troubled man, Brown, is ejected from the office that he stole, Britain could literally 'go under'. As long as this Labour government clings on to illegitimate power, Britain is not a democracy. It's a dictatorship.

If you disagree then you are either dimwit Labour voting fodder, or you just do not appreciate the legitimacy of anger in ours, the vox populi.

"Brown Out; Labour Gone" is the only message that counts. I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm just about ready to act. Directly. I'm angry, see. I don't know about you, but I have had enough.

Brown Out; Labour Gone.


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  2. I'm seriously concerned about the possibility of Labour changing the voting system to AVS (or similar) to stitch up the next GE up between themselves and the (il)LibDems.

    As I understand it (corrections welcome, my knowledge is limited), with LibDem support in the Commons and Lords, Labour could push this through.

    Labour have always displayed a willingness to plumb new depths in support of their own squalid self interest. I suspect we haven't seen the worst of them yet - perhaps not by a long shot.

    Sorry, a bit depressing, I've just got a feeling that that's where this is all headed.

  3. They can't do it before the next election and even if they did the next conservative government would repeal it. They'd have to go to the country on something like this and I can't see 50% of the populace letting Gordon off the hook. We want the pleasure of kicking his foetid carcass out of downing st.

  4. And that whole 'I could walk away from office tomorrow thing...what a funking tease!

  5. Agreed. That was pretty bloody irritating, UB. I reckon BHS might be right. The only way we're going to get him out of Downing Street is in a box.

    Regardless of that, my view now is that they're all as crooked as each other because they all conspired to cover-up their expenses claims. They knew they were doing something wrong and they all tried to hide it. That shows intent. For that reason, the general election is further away than ever.

    Britain's in a very, very dark place right now. And, in reality, there is nothing anyone can do about it. They hold all the cards. That's tyranny. It creeps up on a country when that country is distracted. Thank-you Labour. Thank-you Brown. Thank-you thieving MPs.

    Bastards all.

  6. Hi Uncle Bob, do you mean that they (Labour) would have to go to the country to change the voting system AVS (which would be a slam-dunk stitch up of the next GE, as I understand it)?

    If so (ignore this if not), the problem is that when you look at Brown's record, it speaks loud and clear of an antidemocratic, dictatorial instinct.

    Brown should have gone to the country to acquire a mandate for his ascent to the role of PM, to acquire a mandate for the Lisbon Constitution, to acquire a mandate for his government and party in the face if the expenses scandal and it's slow motion disintegration, and to acquire a mandate for his Cabinet of all the Unelected.

    And yet he has not, and will not, so long as he can't be sure of it going his way - is this the bravery he speaks of??? The integrity of the democratic process is irrelevant to Brown - he is without meaningful restraint, and thus quite dangerous.

    I think it would be a mistake to assume that Brown (and his party, and the LibDems for that matter, if push comes to shove) is above any kind of creepy, deceitful, antidemocratic chicanery.

    If needs must, and LibDem cooperation is all that's required, what's to stop him - conscience, ethics, morality, fairness, decency? - Brown, regardless of what he would have other believe, is an ignorant bullying fantasist and pathological liar.

    AVS (or whatever variant fits the bill) is an option - if Brown goes for it and is successful, there won't be a Tory government to repeal it. Securing a mandate for such a sweeping and self-interested constitutional change is not something that will trouble the mind of a babbling cretin like Brown. Like Blair before him, Brown has the power of "instant belief" in any hand-to-mouth expedient.

    I'm not saying it will definitely happen, just that the possibility is there. The last I heard was that a change to the voting system was 'on the table' as part of the expenses reform - It's probably worth keeping an eye on just what ends up being proposed.

    Again, all corrections welcome - I'd rather be made a fool of than persist in an error =)


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