Saturday, 12 September 2009

NO2ID Update

For those of you who aren't yet part of the fight against the most chilling assault on our freedoms in the history of our country, here's the latest news. Please click on the link in the sidebar of this blog to find out where to join the struggle to stop the forces of socialism's relentless, all-out attack on our definitive liberties. This Labour government must be removed for so many reasons, but this one is the most urgent of them all.
++ NO2ID Supporters' Newsletter No. 131 - 10th September 2009 ++

*Contacting us:* Call or email the office - 020-7793-4005 or
( Please do not reply to this email. (The from address
is not a working email address)

The Home Secretary's summer re-launch of ID cards targeted Manchester as
a "beacon area" for the roll-out of the first cards. Having backed down
from a fight with airport workers and pilots threatening industrial
action over compulsory ID registration, the Home Office is now trying to
solicit volunteers.
Of course, people don't always read the small print - so we need to
ensure that any 'volunteers' realise that registering for a card means
being tagged and tracked for the rest of their lives. And paying for the
privilege of being Whitehall's guinea pigs.

The fewer that sign up, the easier it should be to scrap the whole scheme.

NO2ID is launching a rolling campaign to alert and inform the people of
Manchester and - as the National Identity Scheme's net widens - the
North West, starting with a day of action on Saturday 10th October.
NO2ID groups and supporters from around the UK will be heading to
selected locations in Greater Manchester to hold street stalls, leaflet
and spread the word.

The following Saturday, 17th October, we shall be running more street
stalls in central Manchester and holding a public meeting at the Friends
Meeting House in Mount Street. Further activities and events will be
announced in due course.

If you or your organisation would like to get involved in either of
these events or the ongoing campaign, please contact And if you would like to start your own local
group to help spread the word across the North West, please contact

*+ Making the case against the ID scheme +

*Many people tell us they would like to tackle that minority of friends.
neighbours and work colleagues who still think that 'ID cards' are a
pretty good idea, but need a little help feeling confident of their
ground to do so. NO2ID has plenty of stock of our 24 page practical
booklet on How to Win the argument against the ID scheme. If you would
like a free copy, either for yourself or to pass on to someone else,
then just write and ask to NO2ID, Box 412, 19/21 Crawford St, LONDON W1H
1PJ or email (Don't forget to tell us the postal
address to send it to.)
We did not vote for this. We don't have to let it happen to us.
We can stop it, but only if we're truly united.


  1. Thankfully, it seems dead in the water and the tories have confirmed that they will not only be scrapping the cards but the database as well. But there still needs to be vigilance until the GE to make sure Labour don't progress it on the sly.

  2. Totally agree.

    On this one I will not be satisfied until we have legislation that makes technological snooping/tracking of the general population of any kind, by ANYONE, (especially government organisations) illegal. To me, a Tory promise to kill the ID (tracking) card bill programme stone dead is simply not enough.

    To date, the Tories haven't been straight with people about Lisbon. Why should I trust them on this? For me, these are two of the really big question marks about the whole Cameron project.

    But, I accept, it's about priorities. As far as I'm concerned, and as you suggest I think, Labour are a threat to (what remains of) our way of life; they are a threat to freedom - and they simply have to be defeated.

    The debate with the Cameron government will keep until that job's done.

  3. This new ISA lot are determined to make us all look like potential paedophiles while gathering personal details/criminal checks of thousands more people to add to yet another database which will be used as a back door to link up with their whole Big Brother database. If they could, they would implant microchips in all of us - bastards! I hope and trust that Cameron and Co really will destroy all of this information along with the DNA records of innocent people and any other Orwellian legislation implemented by this rotten Labour government.

  4. Your assessment, Spidey - astonishingly, chillingly - is right. The road we are now on, which will lead one way or another to cradle to grave surveillance is a decent into tyranny. We need to change direction in one, huge, screeching U-turn - right NOW!

    Pressure must be put on the Conservative party to keep their promises and not only reverse this torrent of insidious, authoritarian, doctrinaire-socialist legislation, which will eventually turn this country into one, giant prison camp, but to make it IMPOSSIBLE for any future government even TO BE ABLE to enact them ever again, were it so-inclined. The only thing that can stop the abuse of new technology is rigorously enforced law.

    That means a UK constitution and that means no EU constitution. I want to know where Cameron stands on these issues. It's a no-brainer that they are vote winners, so why the silence? It's pretty bloody suspicious to me...


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