Sunday, 4 October 2009

Boris On Blair, EU

"If we are faced with the prospect of Tony Blair suddenly emerging,
suddenly pupating
into an intergalactic spokesman for Europe, then I
think the British people deserve a
say on it."
- Boris Johnson

So do I. The funny thing is, if Cameron committed to a referendum tomorrow, regardless of the ratification red herring, he would be guaranteed a landslide victory. So his continuing obfuscation on the issue leads me to believe that the Leon Brittans and Kenneth Clarkes of the Tory world are still threatening to tear the party apart for the sake of their bizarre attachment to the socialist wet dream that is the European super-state.

Be that as it may, in the real world, all we, the people who so I'm led to believe elect the damn government, want to be able to do is have our say. Clearly, that's too much to ask.

This is all such a pity. The Left have dishonestly, hungrily, pathetically seized on it as evidence of a Tory split (ignoring the fact that Labour is just as divided on the issue), while the shaven-headed gargoyles of the BNP are also exploiting it for all they are worth, (which is very little).

What we need is, to paraphrase a tired, old but appropriate cliche, the smack of firm leadership on this issue. And we need it from one man: David Cameron. We're getting mixed signals from him which, as any military type would tell you, are the worst signals of all.

Not so with Boris, it seems. At least he appears to realise that as soon as the British people decide that the entire mainstream political class of the UK are preparing to sell us down the EU river, the Tories will be up shit creak without a paddle.

As the most powerful Conservative in Britain, let's hope he can finally get through to Dave.


  1. Do you think Boris is only trying to twist Cameron's arm on the referendum issue, D, or do you think he might also be jockeying for the leadership? Now there's a thought......

  2. Hi BS. Judging by his interview on R4 this afternoon, he's been quietly slapped down somewhat. Talk about backtracking. So no, I don't think he wants the leadership just yet. Maybe he's playing a longer game...;)


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