Friday, 16 October 2009

London 2012 Pictograms: Huh?

Well, here they are in all their, erm, glory. I support the Olympics wholeheartedly - don't get me wrong - but what are the designers who come up with this nonsense on? After the seriously hideous main logo, launched a few years ago, you'd think they'd have opted for something a little more - well - useful? No, that's not quite the right word. Practical, then? Nope. I know what it is: intelligent. Yes, that definitely is it. Something intelligent. But no - we got this instead:
Have a closer look at, for instance, the one that I presume is supposed mean "water polo" (top right). It looks more like a sign for swimming pool discus - or something. But there is worse. The swimming and canoeing stuff looks like it's going to take place in tar pits and there are a few that are simply incomprehensible. Just what, exactly, is 8 down 1 across? Chase your own bicycle? Unicycling? Nine down and two in looks like something criminal, frankly (Olympic Handbag Snatching?). Oh dear. The more I look at them, the worse they get.

The prize has to go to 7 down 2 across which looks pretty sexual to me. I had no idea the Kamasutra had become an Olympic sport. I've already booked my ticket. It's a five night knockout tournament and they're holding it in Soho.



  1. This is a little harsh, and not particularly constructive criticism. I think the general public, do get the fact, 'that' logo is 'unique', but hey you can't polish a t*rd'.
    If you have the tools already provided, and they are not too sharp, well you struggle.
    I think the agency who designed these have really captured each sport, very well. Without the descriptors, you get it, you understand what the sport is. You may joke, but you get it, right. Therefore, job done. To absolute brief.
    The line versions of these, are a lot sexier. The flow and precision is unreal. A real work of art. A step up from previous boomerangs and random fat figures of previous years.
    We have a logo, which now finally means something. Relates to something, a family, a joint branding story.
    The majority of feedback I have seen in the papers, online and random blogs is good, by as much as 75% so I will leave that with you.
    Well done 2012. Good Job.

  2. "I think the agency who designed this...". And I think you're wrong. It looks awful. Enabling people just to "get it" is to accept mediocrity. It's mediocre - at best - (and no doubt cost a small fortune).

    So what you really mean by my being "not particularly constructive" is that I disagree with you. That's a classic, lazy, meaningless, rhetorical put-down. Pretty lame.

    I do joke, but no, I don't "get it" (I think I pointed that out).

    As for the rest of your comment, anon, well, you sound just like an ad. exec. "Joint branding story", for God's sake. Pull the other, buddy, it's got bells on.

    So well done 2012. Another crap job.

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