Sunday, 18 October 2009

Well Done, Jenson!

F1 Champion 2009, Jenson Button


  1. Nice to see a peoper 'playboy racer' win it as well, the sport's been too overtaken with dull automotons in recent history. Button though is the heir to James Hunt. If Bernie Ecclestone wants to reinvigorate the sport, he's now got the best advert for it.

  2. Was an entertaining race too.

  3. Yup: great race - and a great circuit (proper racing track).

    I think I'm happier about Button winning than I was even about Hamilton, for all the reasons you suggest.

    I can't help thinking the 'real hero' is the incredible Ross Brawn, though. Knighthood for him, methinks.

  4. Yep, Brawn's acheived a lot in the sport but winning it in the debut season under his own banner with all the difficulty they had...this might be his best one yet.

    And yep, Interlagos is a great circuit and allows some entertaining overtaking. Plus the first three corners are always a drama at the start each year.


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