Saturday, 17 October 2009

We Don't Need Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin:

Yes we do. Wonderful.


  1. We won't see their like again for quite some time. I don't think there's ever been a four-piece with individual members with so much talent in their own individual instruments but were even better as a whole.

    A vocalist who could go high, low and everywhere in between whilst howling like the furies, the most powerful drummer in music who still had a lightness of touch and could do more with one kickdrum than James Brown's three drummers could do combined, a bass player who could tie it all together whilst also being a keyboard and mandolin player of the highest order and the best, most versatile guitarist there's been, who's influence is still heard on rock records to this day (though his imitators always seem to fall short of the mark). Equally at home providing crunching riffs, blisteringly raw solos, bewildering slide or intricate folk fingerpicking.

    Unique musicians and sexual olympians of times past...I salute them!

    And here's another one for ya!

  2. Great stuff, UB.

    And yes: they are, simply, easily, the best - in every way. The next best (who might they be? the Floyd?) don't even come close.

  3. Floyd? Possibly...though they did have an over-inflated opinion of themselves, Zeppelin were a bit more visceral and aside from a yheremin and the violin bow didn't really do press, or release singles or any of that other stuff bands are supposed to do to get popular.


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