Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Slippery Harman

On Sky News just now Harriet Harman has just been doing a creditable impression of an eel so slippery, it's got a PhD from the University of Eels in Slippery Studies. Cameron has stated categorically that his MPs must pay back their trough money or they aren't MPs any more. Harperson has just said that it's "not a party political matter...blah....blah....Cameron is just trying to look tough...blah". See? Slippery.

And, no. Cameron's leading his party and doing the right thing (although I do not think even he's going far enough). What's Harriet doing? Well, she clearly doesn't know because when asked by the anchor for the umpteenth time whether Labour MPs, a number of whom are actually challenging the findings of the Legg review, (unbelievably and suicidally), face the same sanction, slippery Harmon was finally caught.

"But what happens to Labour MPs if they don't pay the money back?" posed the newsreader.

"Er, well, they will...," blustered Harman.

No, Harriet, they won't. That's the bloody point. One of them was actually saying it on another channel as she was speaking!

Watch the polls, folks. Just when you thought Labour might have a chance of recovering a little bit (a horrible thought), along comes dithering Gordon, who couldn't lead the proverbial piss up in a brewery (I could ;) and sinks them.

Suits me.

I've just heard on the six o'clock bulletin that Brown has followed Cameron's lead and threatened to fire truculant troughers, or so the reporter said. But listening to his interview from this morning, I'm not so sure that's what he said. It was equivocal to say the least.

Business as usual for Brown, then.

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