Friday, 2 October 2009

Classic Starkey

David Starkey is the only person who's articulating what we all know - that Gordon Brown is responsible for both the crash and for creating the City culture, complete with the weak regime of regulation (Brown's personal creation), which encouraged bankers to ignore risk. As long as Brown was getting tax revenue from this giant, debt-fueled scam, he was happy - and happy to piss all that revenue away mercilessly on things (everything) that he had no idea how to manage. He's pissed away our future, in other words - and worse, he's pissed it away having already sold the collatoral.

But there's more. Combine this with the Brown-inspired bonus bonanza that reinforced the irresponsibility, thus keeping the whole madness spinning, and what you're left with is the perfect recipe for a total crash.

It's Gordon Brown's recipe - and it's come out perfectly: total collapse of the entire system; the destruction of Britain's financial and economic stability. Cheers, Gordon.

And now he's printing money to keep his high going! The lunatic needs to be stopped.

So I do hope the Tories will hammer these particular nails home. Brown thoroughly deserves it. (But so - in a slightly different way - do we.)

Whatever happens, if the Tories fail, then so do we. It's that dire.

But hey, thank God for Starkey!

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  1. He's always good value on question time. Says the things most people are thinking.


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