Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Tory Champions....!

Seeing as my blogging name is probably mud anyway, I might as well go for broke with the greatest piece of rock music ever created.

Well, maybe not ;)


  1. I'd never have figured you for a Mud fan, D, heh,heh!

  2. By the way, talking about mud, (the slinging of), check this out from last night!!


  3. Jesus, Spidey. I'm never gonna annoy you, mate! Do you think that idiot you bitchslapped has recovered yet??

  4. Greatest piece of rock music ever created? I was expecting Whole Lotta Love myself. Micturates over Mercury and co from a great height!

  5. Yeah - you're dead right, of course. It just seemed that way after two+ bottles of a very pretentious Beaujolais. You know, UB, it's a bit like the girl in the corner who's had a fight with the ugly stick. She's a cracker after five pints.

    Oi reckon anything by the Zep beats the Queens hands down. That's my sober opinion ;)

    "Micturates" indeed. Lol.


Any thoughts?