Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Millipede, Take Note

Tory Councillor Harry Phibbs has come out fighting with an excellent rebuttal in the Grauniad of the fool Millipede's well-documented smear assault on the Conservative party's new EU grouping, complete with a thinly veiled, extraordinary accusation that Tories support the murder of Jews, as Iain Dale highlighted so well this morning.

This quote from the Phibbs article struck me as particularly apposite, however, given Labour's current domestic problems with the bigots and racists it has helped to create:
[Labout continues] to sit alongside the Slovak Social Democrats (SMER), who share power with the neo-Nazi Slovak National party, which is open in its admiration for Jozef Tiso, the wartime ruler of fascist Slovakia. It is as if Labour councillors had entered a coalition with the BNP.
Just so. Perhaps the penny has finally dropped: extremists and weirdos of every stripe are to be found snuggling-up together under the socialist, rather than the conservative, umbrella.

Mind you, I imagine Miliband, the son of a committed communist intellectual, himself follows the old teaching of Lenin when launching one of his offensive political assaults on reality. "A lie told often enough becomes the truth," said the bald architect of both Bolshevism and the Soviet Empire.

Newsflash, banana boy, Lenin was wrong.


  1. Lenin didn't have the internet to deal with either. And I'm writing Europe Minister Chris Bryant a letter too. I want him to explain why Labour are sitting with some undesirables in their european grouping.

  2. Excellent, UB. Keep me posted, mate!


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