Sunday, 7 February 2010

Blogging Commandments

This post, referred to by Dale, (mainly because it cites Dale), published on the excellent site "The Conservative Blog", almost wittily lays down guidelines for adequate political blogging. It frames these guidelines in terms of ten "commandments." Read them to believe them.

However, it missed one piece of vital advice - the Eleventh Commandment, if you will.

It's this: Never post on your own blog if you're absolutely shitfaced. And, let's face it, most of us happy amateur bloggers are generally off our faces when we put finger to keyboard (we wouldn't even bother reading the mainstream ones otherwise, obviously)

This is what happens if you do post when you're pissed:



  1. I'm sure it sounded great at the time, D - hic!

  2. Some of my best posts were borne out of ideas I had when I was bladdered.

  3. Yasin - no.

    BS: post-rugger festivities always lead to trouble.

    UB: Not me, sadly. I just get even worse!

  4. ah must be this bloomin browser. Was just saying thanks for linking to The Conservative Blog and for your comments. Never seen your website, will def be bookmarking it.

  5. Cheers Yasin. Glad that's sorted. Sorry about the drunk post last night! I did enjoy the article (and shall follow your advice as closely as I can).

    Top blog, too :)


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