Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Imported Labour Votes

This article, in today's Telegraph, explains why this country has five million plus more people, born and brought up overseas, living in Britain now than in the year 2000.

And this statement from the report tells us all we need to know about why Labour opened the national floodgates:
Voting trends indicate that migrants and their descendants are much more likely to vote Labour.
No Ellis Island, birth of a nation altruism here. Vote rigging? Social engineering? Well, yes, and much worse than those two evil practices - this is just another example of the straightforward corruption perpetrated by the most utterly corrupt and morally bankrupt government ever inflicited on this country.

Vote them in again, and watch your country - and your democracy - vanish. We only have one chance of ridding ourselves of them. Don't blow it, tempted as you might be, by voting for someone other than the Conservative Party. For all the Tory Party's frailties, do not lose the focus (ridding ourselves of Brown Labour). All sane folk must vote for Cameron. Not to do that is to invite catastrophe out of mere self-indulgence.

Do that - vote for someone other than the Conservative Party at the next GE - and we might just end up with more of the same, which would, quite literally, be an absolute catastrophe for what's left of the United Kingdom. Get it?

So get a grip (especially Kippers)!!

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