Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Blue for Boys...

And pinko-lefty-wussy-fluffy kittens for girls, or so the latest, completely pointless Independent/ComRes poll has discovered. According to that marvellous and balanced hopelessly delusional magazine, The New Statesman,
Were Labour to ban men from voting it would be re-elected with a majority of 68. [S]upport for Labour among women voters [is] at 36 per cent, a four point lead over the Conservatives. By contrast, the Tories are favoured by 43 per cent of men, a sixteen point lead over Labour.
It would be the ultimate feminist wet (moist?) dream, wouldn't it: to ban men from voting altogether, then force us to do all the work while they make themselves all millionaires by boosting their "just because I'm a woman" compensation to BBC executive levels. They would fund it by making men pay 103% income tax (so by the time they die, any property they might leave behind can be confiscated by women to make up the shortfall). It's the feminisation of the country, I tell you. And the thin end of the wedge.

And it's all because of this:

One reason women drifted towards the centre-left was that it was Labour that pushed for and introduced extended maternity leave, flexible working and programmes such as Sure Start. It may be that Cameron needs to adopt a greater focus on these issues.

In any case, as fear of a hung parliament grows in Tory circles, it is clear that it is women voters who will once again decide the outcome of the election.

So it seems he sealed the deal long ago with the blokes, but has never convinced the birds because they're all addicted to Brown's baby bribes, which increase, of course, if they ditch their fella(s). Tell you what, if the chicks are going to decide the next election's result, then Cameron should just promise them the moon and the stars and champagne and roses and van-loads of fluffy kittens to get them on side. We don't need many of them...so turn on the charm, Dave - we need some Chippendale from you! The full monty, if need be (Blair did it).

Then we can get the Tory government we so desperately need and get on with the job of rebuilding the economy. You know, men's work.

Just kidding (honest).


  1. Yes, promise them the moon and the stars, champagne, roses....the works. And then after the election with your needs sated, do what you think is right. The women will think you're a bastard and they'll love you for it!

    Any ladies reading this should realise I'm taking the proverbial piss here. Uncle Bob always treats his women right...right up until the taxi arrives that is!

  2. Rofl. What was the name of that book? "Eats, shoots and leaves" I think it was - or something like that.

    Lock up your daughters, Uncle Bob's in town! (And don't let them vote ;)


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