Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Taiwan News: Brown Bullying Computer Simulation

This is the way Taiwanese news covered the McMentalist bullying scandal. (Courtesy of a commenter on hat tip Guido...)

I particularly liked the left hook and the cartoonish sounds effects, including the blood curdling scream from the computerised version of the secretary Brown assaulted. Priceless.

Looks like nutter Brown is a laughing stock in the Far East too now. Welcome to the club, guys.


  1. The punches did have me giggling but it was the moment that 'fucking ego' came up on the screen that I descended into belly laughter!

  2. Yeah - that was hilarious. I guess 'fucking' isn't a rude word to the Chinese - just a name (Fu King?)

  3. They've made him far too thin and handsome, D, they must be as blind as our Dear Leader!
    I nicked this earlier and posted it with a hat tip and backlink, mate - absolutely hilarious.

  4. All true, BS :)

    Incidentally, (and I know that this is way too late), but the hat tip should really go to Dizzy Thinks.

    And I really care.


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