Saturday, 20 February 2010

Nutcase Brown

If any lingering doubts remained about Gordon Brown being, at least psychologically speaking, utterly unfit to be a manager of any description, let alone the most important manager in the realm - Prime Minister - then this Mail on Sunday report will surely dispel them all. The Observer has yet to publish its Rawnsley revelations online. I think we don't really need them any more, though, do we? It's become absolutely clear:

Gordon Brown is a total nutcase.

And a pathological liar, to boot (as if we didn't know), if his Channel 4 interview today is anything to go by - among many other examples.

Hat tip:Iain Dale


  1. And the Labour Party couldn't, at repeated opportunities, summon up enough collective dislike of the man to rid themselves - and us - of him? Says a lot about the whole darned bunch of them, doesn't it?

    I'm simply amazed that the Labour Party have as much support as they do in the polls! How can a 1/3rd of the country support this lunatic?

  2. Tony, focus on Mike Smithson (the finest modern psephologist in our nation) - and don't believe the polls.

    Cameron is finding his voice - and Labour is about to be deservedly annihilated.

    We're making Labour history (thanks, in no small part, to you)

  3. I don't believe the polls, there is a feeling around the country, people distrust Labour and they actively dislike Brown. They're not all completely sold on the conservatives but they see them as a necessary government to fix the problem. Even here in the Rhondda, the reddest of red constituencies, you can sense the mood.

  4. Yup, UB, here too. There's a real sense of not so much submerged optimism (lol, that was a good one from wee Dougie) as submerged incandescent rage - at all politicians, but mainly at Brown.

    As for the polls, once you take into account the fact that they are always weighted in favour of Labour because of their various, pretty dubious methodologies (like voting certainty and previous vote weighting), you realise that the Tories have been doing far, far better than anyone thought. Add to this the "cheesy" factor - the natural reluctance of people to admit they're going to vote Tory, and you have a landslide on the cards.

    The only pollster I trust is the new PB one, Angus Reid, which uses better methods: it's recent one had the Tories 14% ahead. Go figure.


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