Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Make Labour History

Tony, whose Cogito Dexter blog won my sincere admiration many months ago, has asked us all to join him in his campaign to Make Labour History.

He has my full support to that end. If you really do want to secure a prosperous, free, pluralist and debt-free future for your children, in the finest traditions of our great country, Tony should also be able to count on yours.

I promise that I will do as much as I can to bring about that desirable, and, for everyone in Britain, and for the nation itself, that desperately vital outcome in this Year of Change, 2010.

Bottom line: if you want to save yourselves, your economy and your nation from total socialist destruction, then Vote Conservative - and make Labour history. After thirteen years of hurt, it's very much more than Labour deserves, and it's what we and our country so desperately need.

(Tony: sterling work, compadre. Outstanding.)


  1. Despite this being a tory blog I was in complrte agreement with the post up until you reffered to Labour as Socialist, Unfortunately I can not see any evidence for this claim

  2. Choose your battle, then. Choose your team. And then be counted.

  3. that didn't really answer the point I made at all

  4. Technically, "New" Labour are Communitarian in policy, but still Socialist/Communist in their underlying nature - originally hidden beneath a thin veneer of apparent respectability under Blair, but now exposed.

  5. "Everyone's favourite comrade": you didn't really make any point that I could detect, just a very thin, totally wrong, assertion.

    Just put an X in the box next to team you like come the time. That's all you have to do.

  6. Everyone's Favourite Comrade

    Socialism in theory is smiling happy people with nothing to envy.

    Socialists are motivated by a pathological obsession with social status.

    Therefore socialism in practice is Stalin, Mao, Castro, Brown, etc.


  7. Indeed, joinoid: QED. Well said, you.


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