Thursday, 11 February 2010

If I had My Time Again...

I would tell my younger self - well - to think about anything other than yourself. In other words, worry about the present by understanding the past, while always entertaining high hopes for our common future. Maybe that's what I'd say. But I doubt it.

The longer you live and love, though, guys, the more real the question becomes: what wisdom have I really acquired in my life; what is it that I could have achieved. What true wisdom can I honestly pass on.

Uncomfortable stuff ;)


  1. You're in a reflective mood there Den.

  2. It puts me in mind of that Peter Cook saying:
    I have learned by my mistakes and I am sure I can repeat them exactly.

    I have progressed, but the pace of progress is slow. Very slow. And I am still trapped in unhealthy outlooks and reactions, by which I mean, I can always look back and see them as such, but never manage to see them beforehand or be able to predict my predicable behaviour.

  3. Ollie, it was the Weasel what done it! He makes you think, he does.

    WW: thanks for that. I think predicting my predictable behaviour and then short-circuiting it is one approach to not doing things I should be doing (and vice versa, of course) I think I might try ;)

    But maybe I'm just not wise enough (yet). As you say, though I have progressed, the pace of progress is slow - ridiculously slow!

    Anyway, home time. Take care guys.


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