Saturday, 27 February 2010

"Gordon Brown Is A Dangerous Weirdo"

...Being the conclusion of Minette Marrin's superb analysis in her eponymous Sunday Times column. To me, one of the best quotes, among many others, is this:
The kind of bullying of which Brown is suspected is entirely different. It is the uncontrolled raging of a desperate man, driven in his frustration and misery to lash out randomly at anyone nearby.
If that doesn't perfectly illustrate Gordon Brown's deeply flawed, even dangerous, character, then I'm a socialist.

So please have a glance at the article, when you have a moment. It's wonderfully incisive, and serves further to nourish truth rather than smokescreen spin, and burn away Labour's increasingly delusional, insulting, deviant mythologising about the worst prime minister ever inflicted on our country.

Just for good measure (though, I trust, not to oversell the appeal), here's another little gem of Marrin's insider wisdom:
...the prime minister is without a doubt the strangest, most emotionally dysfunctional person I have met. We were together at a dinner once and I felt that his inability to behave remotely normally was almost pitiful.
Five more years, remember. If you don't vote intelligently, then you get five more years of this damaged oddball. As Hamlet and a fair few Yorkshiremen would say: think on't.

Frailty, thy name is Brown!

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