Friday, 12 February 2010


Destroyer of the economy.
CRASH! Ah-ah...
He's a mentalist.
He hates every one of us, can't stand any one of us...
He'll steal every thing we've got from every man, every woman, every child,
He's a clown, he's Crash!

With deepest apologies to Queen.

Anyway, you get the idea, I hope. It's inspired (if that's right word) by this latest Randall demolition job on Crash Gordon's devastatingly terrible economic record to date. A taste:
We learn from a new book – Where Power Lies: Prime Ministers v The Media, by Lance Price, Labour’s former director of communications – that this Prime Minister is obsessed with controlling hour-by-hour media coverage and is prone to temper tantrums, shouting at staff and kicking furniture when a story runs beyond his spinmeisters’ control.

If true, Number 10 advisers might care to bring out the Ritalin and buffer the chaise longue with bubble wrap. Britain’s financial performance under Mr Brown’s stewardship has mirrored that of his local football team, Raith Rovers: a Premier League side in the 1990s, but now languishing in the bottom half of the division below.

Delicious. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. The ruination nutcase-Brown has brought down upon this nation since he and his fellow nincompoops conned their way into power (three times - somehow) is truly epic. Read the article, where Randall gives what I feel is a pretty abridged list of the major Brown damage. It seems it's down to the electorate to elaborate - and vote accordingly.

Just so what's left of Queen don't get too upset, here's the original Flash Gordon ditty:

Er, I know. Camp doesn't begin to describe it.

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