Friday, 5 February 2010

I Agree With Guido

I agree with Guido insofar as, if I understand him right, parliamentarians should be forced to make a choice upon their election: you're either an MP (and therefore a public servent) or a corporate type on a promise (and therefore something else) - and never the twain shall meet. You must not, in other words, be connected to any private company in any way whatsoever for the duration of your office. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

As for secret slush funds and Brown denials, while I feel sorry for Tim Yeo - I think he really believes he did nothing wrong, at least in the sense of breaking any parliamentary interest declaration rules (and we all know how wonderfully immune to MPs' fiddling parliamentary rules are, especially after the expenses scandal) - I certainly don't for Brown, who, as always, with this secret and illegal slush fund, was only ever serving his own interests, which always take absolute precidence over those of his political comrades, parliament's and everyone else in the entire country's. And always have. Yeo might be reprimanded, though that should be up to the electorate. But Brown should be jailed!

Anyway, for those of you who might not know how to use YouTube yet, and will therefore have to wait until Monday for this feast of televisual Guidoese political gunpowder, I've performed the complex and onerous task of cutting and pasting the embed code to my blog, just for your viewing pleasure:

Seriously, though, I think this Guy News thing gets better every week.


  1. In my humble opinion: if you're an MP you're an MP, same if you are an MSP, or Assembly Member. You don't do anything else. Nothing else. If you want to be a director of something you should do it, and not be an MP. You really can't use the excuse it keeps you in touch with how ordinary people are living when you take an outside job as a chairman of a corporation. Ordinary people are not chairmen of corporations. Ordinary people work in Tescos or in the NHS.

    Gordon Brown is a liar. Of course he knew about it. I hope it ruins him. He’s ruined us after all.

    Tim Yeo is a grease ball. I wouldn’t be in the least surprised that he was up to his oxters in slime. Even Mrs Thatcher couldn’t keep him in line. Didn’t he have a string of mistresses? (Lord he must ahve changed a lot over the years. You really can’t imagine anyone wanting to sleep with the likes of that!)

    Ooops... sorry... that was below the belt.....!!! My only excuse it that it’s Friday night.

  2. Top coms all, tris. Well liked here :D


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