Tuesday, 16 February 2010

"I've Never Voted Tory" Campaign Rattles Labour

If the truly limp and, naturally, totally dishonest anti-Tory attack video below is anything to go by, then the - and pretty slick - "I've Never Voted Tory" campaign is causing some mental anguish to feeble Labourist campaigners.

If specialist Labour YouTube loser, Sion Simon, wasn't involved with this latest lame leftie propaganda-manure, then I'll eat his baseball cap!

Hat tip: Telegraph blogs.


  1. Good grief, D, that is truly bloody awful! It's bad enough and tasteless enough and dishonest enought to be Sion Simon's creation/mess!

    If that's the best they can come up with, we're home and dry. ;-)

  2. 2010 is the year to Make Labour History


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  3. Another Sion Simon YouLube video :-)

  4. Who else could it be but our own, dear, deluded Sion, who also happens to be, hideously, a minister of the Crown on a £150K taxpayer salary? Does anyone need any other reason than that to fry Labour at the next GE? Permanently.

    Tony: you, sir, are a steely-eyed missile man.

  5. 'So weak' as a Labour cabinet member never said.


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