Friday, 19 February 2010

Labour's Death Tax: Evil Economics; An Insult to the Elderly

William Roach might be a famous actor who never seems to age (on screen), but he's also a very decent, lovely, ordinary, 77 year-old man (it strikes me). Here he explains why turning back the clock to the Nineties, when the Conservative government of the day's sound economic management created the best-funded pension system in the entire world (public and private), is a far better option for the 2010s and beyond than the insulting, uncosted and unworkable, policy-on-the-hoof, disgusting current Labour alternative.

Let us never forget who destroyed Britain's once legendary pension arrangements, which were bullt up during the 1980s and 90s thanks to carefully designed, delicate, intelligent financial strategies, by the (Conservative) governments of the day, that genuinely benefited not just the few, but the many. The person who destroyed all that brilliant hard work, and has left millions of pensioners exposed as a direct consequence now, was Gordon Brown. Now those people, still working back then during the "sound years", when Brown arrogantly decided, all by himself(!), that Britain didn't need Tory prudence (and deft brilliance - which is what people like Ken Clarke delivered) on funded pensions any more, are facing ruin thanks directly to his destruction of the system the Conservative government built and upon which so many millions of hard-working souls were depending. Brown has spent their pension money, and then some. He's spent mine as well. But, far worse, he's spent our children's pension money too. That's just utterly infamous, especially for a (useless) politician like Brown.

Hang on! Do I really need to add anything to that to convince people that Gordon Brown is the most disastrous, useless, (though still utterly arrogant and convinced of his own weird righteousness), individual ever to fill (barely and by default) the office of Prime Minister, in this nation's history?

Anyone who isn't convinced by that single point, but among so many others, of Brown's total incompetence, either doesn't get out enough or, quite understandably, doesn't care (or works for the mentalist himself - but that can't be too many people, surely).

Just this, though, to anyone and everyone reading this: Brown, however much you might loath (or like) him, can only be understood from one perspective: he hates (his idea of) Tories. He hates Tories - and that's it. That's all he knows because that's the way he was brought up. He's as irrational as he is outdated.

To any sentient British human being, Brown is as utterly locked into his dusty, a-historical weird tribe of sub-Trot Scots Labourism as Cameron (or anyone else, for that matter) represents our hope, our future and our liberation.

I look forward to playing my small part in Brown's downfall. So should you all!

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