Friday, 5 February 2010

Massive Rise in AGW Scepticism - BBC Poll

The poll is pretty darned conclusive in that it clearly demonstrates one thing, people are certainly not as stupid as the AGW fanatics, many of whom inhabit the government (surprise surprise), seem to believe. But they are all, government, Opposition and alarmist scientists and their minority of sheeple supporters, in denial about the scale of the collapse of their propaganda campaign and their ongoing and increasingly desperate attempts to mislead people over the impact of human activity on the giant, chaotic, barely comprehended system that is what is (perhaps inaccurately) branded "global" climate.

To that end, and as anyone who watches a few hours of TV a day will know, government spending on AGW propaganda has been increased massively, with ridiculous claims about virtually every aspect of our lives' impact on the environment pushed down our throats, at our own expense, during virtually every commercial break. That they cite as their source on each of the stupid, expensive adverts "UK government" hardly fills anyone with confidence - quite the opposite, in fact, if this poll is anything to go by. The Climategate liars work for the UK government, and people know that. But this doesn't seem to be getting through to the government, or its tame, politicised geeks:

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs' (Defra) chief scientific adviser, Professor Bob Watson, called the findings "very disappointing".

"The fact that there has been a very significant drop in the number of people that believe that we humans are changing the Earth's climate is serious," he told BBC News.

"Action is urgently needed," Professor Watson warned.

"We need the public to understand that climate change is serious so they will change their habits and help us move towards a low carbon economy."

That the vast majority of us (about 74%, by implication) don't believe the alarmist line peddled by people like blobby-voiced Miliband Minor and this Bob Watson twit is "disappointing" to them is a sign of how arrogant and patronising these agenda-driven loudmouth politicians and pseudo-scientists really are. But, remember, there's also a sinister, underlying anti-democratic tone here which can only mean trouble.

So keep on "disappointing" them, folks; keep on exercising your right to demand the truth.

Hat tip: Plato Says

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