Monday, 1 February 2010

Lord Monckton Bulldozing a Green Green, Episode 74

These young scientist/fanatics, with a PhD in AGW orthodoxy (and nothing else) really need to stop trying to take on a man as eminent as Christopher Monckton. It's almost painful to watch - in a delicious sort of way. In the area of the red herring, so-called "precautionary principle", Monckton is particularly devastating (but, for some reason, it's vanished from my ripped YouTube upload). But I enjoy the way he simply rises above the playground ad hominems. I was fairly impressed by the Aussie interviewer, too.

It's clear that the dam, as Andrew Neil has recently said, is definitely cracking. As for this poor little Aussie twit, I suspect he'll need to go back to school when the dust settles from the collapse of his entire discredited belief system. Poor thing.

Read James Delingpole for the latest news about discredited climate change alarmists and fanatics, in the wake of Climategate (and Glaciergate and Amazongate and so on and so forth).

As for little old me, I'm looking forward to the return to normality - and the spring sunshine that this morning's wonderful dogwalking duties down the beach suggested is now just around the corner. Marvellous.


  1. Kind of makes me wish he was an MP bu then again glad that he's out there tackling this nonsense that is 'the settled science (When any Scientist with an ounce of integrity will tell you that Science is never settled and should be open to a challenge in it's assumptions.

  2. Precisely, UB.

    I've tried to tone down my anti-AGW thing on here recently ('tried' to!), but the revelations just keep flooding in, and they illustrate your point perfectly.

    It can be boiled down to this, I think (if you'll allow): true science is always sceptical (that's a basic principle of inductive reasoning).

    That these bright, wide-eyed boys of 'The Movement' can believe that the balance of probabilities amounts to 100% certainty about AGW reveals far more about their own, frankly appalling, shortcomings than any alarming, alarmist new scientific 'understanding'. They've been rumbled - inevitably (fan of logical positivism as I am, I always trust that the truth, which inevitably takes the form in good science of new doubts and questions, will invariably 'out').

  3. I think, in the end, that's what Monckton, in his wisdom and tireless, good-humoured logic has now proved pretty conclusively.

    So, like I said, perhaps we can get on with living our lives freely - and responsibly, of course - now. After all, our beautiful planet is precious and we would be fools not to take care of it as best we can. We're guilty of many avoidable mistakes and, indeed, ecological disasters, but for AGW? We plead Not Guilty, m'lud.

    I think we've just been acquitted on that particular charge.

    But there several others to be taken into consideration. Rainforests, for instance. And we are certainly answerable for those.

  4. What a very civilised debate that was! Lord Monckton is a class act, isn't he? Must remember to try and be as calm and measured as he is....

  5. Me too, Adam, me too.

    (And point well taken ;)

  6. Full clip here;

  7. Thanks, righty. Can't think what happen to my upload. Must have been corrupted somehow.

  8. I used a demo version of the ripper software - only allows 6 mins. Silly me.


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