Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Occasionally, I get pretty damn tired of the infinite circular argument that is British Politics. When that happens (like now) I prefer to use my blog as an outlet for other things, like my love of what to me at least is reasonably meaningful music. Though I would never count some of the more wonderful Classical music in that thing. Classical music is a separate issue.

Anyway, we don't know if the Keith Richards song "Angie" is really about his daughter, which is what he says, or (far more likely) is really about Angie Bowie, a lunatic woman with whom the lunatic man, Mick Jagger, had some kind of affair some decades ago, much to the annoyance of his then old mucker, that all-round lunatic genius, David Bowie. Confused? I would be.

All I know is that I was two years old when this song burst its way into the popular consciousness. Oh, and that I was living in America at the time (the 1970s). I feel that it's a really beautiful song, but I don't really know why. Must be some sort of genetic thing.

Go figure.


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