Saturday, 6 March 2010

Climate Ripper

I'm quite proud that my (sadly curtailed) rip of this performance by the great man, Lord Monckton, in Australia a month or so ago has now been watched by nearly 6000 people and commented on by just shy of 100 (including me).

This particular thought disease, 'Man Made Climate Change' or whatever the dangerous zealots are peddling it as now, is an especially vicious example of something we humans experience from time to time, thanks to our insatiable small-mindedness and eternal stupidity. But thanks to the apparent re-emergence, if not resurgence, of collective rational thought since Climategate, this latest example of the scale of the capacity of humans for superstitious folly is definitely on its last legs.

I think we're finally beginning to move on, socially and scientifically. And that's a very good thing, because when this ugly lunacy has been defeated, we can once again begin to focus on genuine environmental issues (the things I was brought up to care about), like saving the rainforests, saving endangered species and, ultimately, saving ourselves from watermelon, AGW, misanthropic lunatics who seem to prefer mass landscape vandalism over genuine environmentalism. They're basically Marxists masquerading as concerned citizens. We stopped that before; we'll stop it again.

But given how deep they've managed to penetrate our society, however, we're going to need not just better science, but a hell of a lot of luck if we are ever even to hope to cure our society of their corrosive, possibly deadly, disease.

I think we'll get that luck. We did in the past, and we will in the future. Maybe luck has something to do with being right - and determined!


  1. Same old shite from the Australian warmist with nothing to back it up - I'd love to have seen more of that, D, I'm sure Lord Monckton had ripped him a new arsehole by the end of the interview.

  2. There is a link for the whole thing - on the YouTube version. Monckton is a great man.


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