Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Brown's Death Rattle

No matter what the increasingly irritating (is that possible?) Nick Robinson might think, quoting himself as usual - always a very bad sign - this was yet another trainwreck interview from Gordon "give me a chance to finish the job of destroying the country" Brown this morning. (Just remember, for instance, that when he growls that ridiculous phrase "continue the stimulus" he really means "continue adding to and Britain's, titanic, horrifying debt mountain".)

You cannot believe word one of a man who thinks that by saying he's 'cutting the deficit', he'll fool people into thinking he's actually tackling the terrifying debt explosion that he, personally, created. They are not the same thing, and this appalling man, who caused the recession in Britain to be far worse thanks to years of hopeless economic mismanagement, is doing what he always has done: telling the country - and the world - a pack of absolute lies. If he does somehow hoodwink - or even bribe - the people of this country into letting him sneak back into power, the rest of the world will deliver its verdict in short order. The economic crisis that would follow would make Brown's first, record-breaking recession look like the good old days.

But I'm pretty confident that, thankfully, the British electorate won't be fooled again. Far from the twit-Robinson's idea that this was somehow an 'assured' performance by a man pretending to be some kind of latter day Churchill, this is Brown's political death rattle. It was the last, desperate diatribe of a very desperate man clinging on to office for dear political life. I'll give him this, he doesn't sell it cheaply. The unelected fraud, who, so it goes, 'thrives' in a crisis - and therefore causes one wherever he goes and with whatever he touches - will soon be gone, gone, gone, thank God.

Hard though it might be to take for some, it is time for the Tories to come back, once again to clear up a Labour government's economic catastrophe. It's time for the medicine.

And it's way beyond the time for us to be able to say 'good riddance' to the remorselessly dishonest, politically and nationally corrosive influence that has been and will always be James Gordon Brown, the worst prime minister ever to have been inflicted upon this nation.

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