Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Cameron's Grammar

Small point: I've just managed to have a glance at Cameron's response to Gordon Brown's ridiculously dishonest speech on immigration, coming on the back of another ridiculously dishonest podcast in which he used fake immigration figures to make him sound tough, laughably.

The Conservative leader made some pretty reasonable points, but he still doesn't sound like he's ready for power, or is prepared to tackle the issue head on. Why? Because he keeps using the wrong modal verb. He insists on saying that a government 'should' do this and 'should' do that, like some glorified special advisor, instead of a PM in waiting.

He's got to start using the far more assertive modal of firm intent, 'will', as in 'we will correct Labour's dishonest, disastrous immigration policies' and 'we will enact laws that will reverse the evils of the divisive socialist dogma of multiculturalism, and place the age-old British traditions of pluralism and tolerance right back at the heart of British culture, where they belong'.

Plain English, innit.


  1. OMG - they really do look just like David and Samantha on that book, don't they?

    But you're quite right. It's time we started campaigning in earnest.

  2. We must give the Labour Party absolute bloody hell. It's what they've earned.

    The Conservative Party is solidly on the right side of the argument this time around. So all we need to do is confidently demonstrate that fact to an electorate that's hugely hungry for a fresh start.

    I believe that, and I'm certain you do too. Why doesn't Central Office?

    And where's Pickles!!


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