Monday, 22 March 2010

Named In Dispatches

Courtesy: Department of International Development (the irony)

I can't say much about this hideous thing because I'm sort of still trying to process what I've just seen. But I will say this.

I find it utterly soul-destroying that these people, all of them Labour ministers either interviewed in the sting or fingering ministers still in power in one position or another (including that sickening, unblinking crook Mandelson yet again), are so much worse as people than so many people I've met in my lifetime and career so far. I simply cannot imagine what my father thinks of it all.

The point is that these people are so corrupt, they would sooner burn this country to the ground than be forced into a position where they must confront the twin characteristics that define them all, to a man and to a woman: vanity and greed. Vanity and greed is what defines this entire government, and this government's vanity and greed is what has brought this country to the brink of ruin. We were safer in the Cold War than we are with these.

Just remember, prior to this devastating Blair/Brown era, governments were brought down for far, far less than this, and rightly so.

I can't think of anything else to say just now. I'm just too depressed by the level of venality and decay this country has been brought to thanks to a desperately serious, though perhaps innocent in the case of a fair few million voters, false step that we took in 1997.

A lot of people were conned by Labour, but all are punished.

To me, though, there is some kind of hope. The Conservative Party, under Cameron, I believe has genuinely sensed the mood of the people (the people that count, that is - the vast majority of people - and not that small minority of dumb, insolent, loudmouth Labour activists who just don't care because their obsessive political prejudices always take precedence over truth, justice and common decency).

The Conservative Party, under Cameron, really will mend our broken politics, mainly because they had bloody well better! So thank God for that, because, as this terrifying Dispatches programme shows, our politics is just about as broken as it could possibly be.

And Labour broke it.


  1. I a not holding my breath that Cameron and his club will be any different.

    Cameron is sculpting his NuTories in a way identical to how Tony Blair created NuLabour.

    Blairs Babes and now Camerons, you fit the alliteration.

    The key here is that he is parachuting in wet behind the ears career young politicians who, without having had a real life or career before, will be dependent on his largesse.

    He also jumped with lightning speed to support Gordon Brown's proposals on restricting the right of MPs to work outside Parliament thereby further tying them to his parliamentary whims.

    Lobby fodder being hand reared for his predilection.

    The whole body politic is rotten

  2. OK. But I think you're doing Cameron a bit of a disservice. I think he gets it. You are completely wrong, incidentally, about the chain of events surrounding Brown's 'reforms'. Cameron had his own set of proposals that would have been far more effective but he was railroaded by the useless old fool for purely partisan reasons (surprise surprise). You've also just swallowed the Labour propaganda narrative whole about Cameron's 'support' for the new system. This is a bit surprising, given that you seem to think you know the inner thoughts and secret motives of our politicians.

    So, wrong on more than one count, then. Don't get me wrong, I like libertarians. Hell, some of my best friends are libertarians. But some of you don't have come across as smug and judgmental sometimes. Good when your well-informed; shite when you're not.

  3. Well, of course I agree. What to do, what to do? The outlook seemed decidedly blue..

    There has to be a reliance on some agreed values, and they have to be made clear. I would like to see Cameron making those values clear.

  4. "Well, of course I agree. What to do, what to do?"

    Move? I've recced a nice little derelict outhouse with a few acres in Bergundy, just in case. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst an' all that ;)

    However, my hope's been revitalised today. Thought Cameron was more convincing than I think I've ever seen him.

    Still saving-up the deposit, though. Just in case.


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