Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Poster Handbags

The Tory campaigners fight back in the dumbest exchange possibly of all time.
Well, Labour started it!

Hat tip: Iain Dale.


  1. It might be dumb, but it's nice to give the little marxist troglodytes a taste of their own medecine. And ours tend to be wittier too. Though I agree with DC...the suspicious minds poster was pretty good!

  2. I get the distinct impression that Charles Nutcase 'Fabian_Pride'/'Labour_future' et al Hardwidge had something to do with it.

    He's the ultimate weirdo nulab troll.

    And yup, I like to see a bit of hand to hand stuff now and then too. But this stuff is just infantile, isn't it??


Any thoughts?