Monday, 15 March 2010

Cameron And Brown: Compare and Contrast

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  1. Yes, it was a good effort from Cameron, despite what appeared to be a planted Labour stooge, who had to read from a sheet of paper.

    Brown could not do this. Indeed, he is protected from this kind of encounter all the time. Still, there are plenty of people, like the heckler, who will not listen to the arguments. Cameron has been up front about the state of the economy and what he is going to do about it. You cannot even get Brown to admit he is to blame for 13 years of profligacy.

  2. Roll on the debates, I'm getting the popcorn ready!

    The most impressive thing about Cameron is his ability to deal with anything thrown at him and the one thing he exudes (more than ANY other political leader I've witnessed) is competence. And those are two of the most important qualities a prime minister should have (and which our present one struggles pityfully).

  3. I agree with both comments, Davod Cameron is an honnest politician who says it as it is.
    Compare him with Gordon Brown who stifles debate, brought this country to the point of bankrupcy and still wont say how he will solve the debt crisis. We borrow £500 million a day just to keep the economy going. yet the Labour Government will continue to treat the electorate with contempt. Do you really want another 5 years of this labour Government? thats the question you need to answer. Lets trust the Conservatives and give David Cameron a chance, he is a Prime Minister in waiting and has the skills to get this country back on its feet.


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