Monday, 29 March 2010

Lumley Savages Another Labour Pit Bull

Joanna Lumley, so the Telegraph, among other sources, is reporting, has forced the maniac Labourist smear-monkey who durst sully her angelic countenance with his slimeball innuendoes, Kevan Jones, to "apologise unreservedly" for his crimes. Reading her withering statement, it never ceases to amaze me that these Labourist twits keep on trying to have a go at her, just because she was right all along about the Gurkhas, and proved them embarrassingly wrong. But they never learn:
Speaking after his apology, Ms Lumley rounded on Mr Jones and accused him of smearing her.
"We have come here with a sense of regret that we have had to come to this, which is really to clear our names in public," she said at a news conference in London.
She said that over the past month or so, articles have appeared "which must have put doubts in the hearts of" supporters of the Gurkhas campaign.
She went on: "Today we want to call on the Prime Minister to confirm that the policy is one that he completely supports, that the Ministry of Defence is behind everything they said they would be behind.
"I want to say to the people of this country, what you did was to back a just cause and we have not stopped working solidly for the Gurkhas in the quiet, as we promised the Prime Minister we would. "It has been suggested that I somehow was parachuted in, took the headlines and ran. I feel that is a smear.
"It has been suggested that I somehow spread falsehoods amongst the Gurkha communities both here and in Nepal about what they could expect. That is a lie and therefore a smear. The people who made those accusations must know them to be untrue."
Peter Carroll, of the Gurkha Justice Campaign, said that since their victory in winning settlement rights last year, there had been "a steady drip of negativity - almost like a dripping toxin - being put into this story by what we presume to be vested interests at the MoD".
I don't know about that, but I do reckon that these Labour clowns must be winding up Lumley for some reason. Perhaps they just can't get enough of the lash of her sophisticated, elegant, finishing school tongue.

Whatever, the fact remains that this particular one has made a total fool of himself in trying to play politics with someone who is, quite simply, above it all - and she's far too intelligent not to be able to wipe the floor with a low-grade Labourist bullyboy nonentity like him with one, sharp smack of her class.

It's Politics One-Oh-One, Labour hoons: never mess with a Lumley. Especially when she's backed by some super-tough, mean little soldier dudes - and 90% of the country.


==Lumley Latest==

David Blackburn on his Spectator blog has just made these first class comments about Gurkhagate:
Then, with her airy cut-glass voice, Lumley added: “Gordon Brown is man of integrity who has kept his word.” It was a subtle but clear challenge to Brown's moral integrity.
Brown came off a bloodied second against the Gurkhas. The memory of that defeat should
press him into acquiescence because Brown cannot afford to dither now. It's as much a question of instinct as it is one of integrity.
Spot on. And Brown. Oh dear, him again. I'd missed that (uncharacteristically, you might say, given the pretty narrow scope of this blog). He's like a sort of Rome, only after it was sacked in 410AD by Aleric the Headcase, or something. Rome was ruined and abandoned and smelt faintly of dung, but all roads still led there. Brown is like that insofar as if roads were immense (and immensely stupid) political cock-ups, you could trace them all back to him.

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