Monday, 22 March 2010


Will Heaven in the Telegraph blogs says Samantha Cameron is expecting a baby. Sincere congratulations to her and Mr Cameron and my very best wishes to them and their whole family.

(Now, that's the kind of jolly news I actually like to hear!)

I didn't really want to say anything about the political implications of this because I thought, wrongly it seems, that to do so would be in some kind of bad taste, and, of course, that I'd probably be wrong. Happily, Cristina Odone has just done it all for us in the Telegraph. Here's the gist:
She was described as the Tories’ secret weapon. But Samantha Cameron is proving a nuclear weapon, the kind that could well blow Labour out of the water and the Browns out of Downing Street. She’s not only a down-to-earth working mother, industrious, clever and attractive; she’s pregnant.
I couldn't agree more. Very, very good news, then.

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