Monday, 29 March 2010

Blogger Bugs

If you're wondering why all the piccies have disappeared from this blog, and, if you use blogger, possibly from your own, too, it's because of this:

Monday, March 29, 2010

Our image backend is experiencing problems which may affect the display and/or uploading of photos. We are working to resolve this and will update this post when we have more information.

More info can be found here in the Picasa Help Forum. Posted by at 09:49 PDT
I certainly can't upload any images, and none already posted is appearing on my blog. It's been like this for about two hours now. Annoying.

Bloody annoying.


  1. The new layout/template looks great, D, don't know what's going on with your pics, though.... I've been uploading pics and embedding vids and, so far, everything's been fine. Did you try using "Blogger in Draft", yet? I only mention it because that's what I've been using since yesterday and it does seem to be an improvement and I'm not getting any problems with it.

    Doesn't explain why all your other pics have gone AWOL, though...... hmmm!

  2. Did try that, Spidey. Seems I'm one of the ones affected. Might have something to do with the new template I've nicked. Seems to be improving gradually, though. Embeds are fine, thankfully.

    Glad you like the new look. 'Snot finished yet, though - still got to sort out that banner!


Any thoughts?