Monday, 29 March 2010

Comment Isn't Free

I kind of wondered what the Grauniad's online moderators would do to all those who dared criticise the railway engineer crook running the IPCC's pisspoor article in their unquestioning organ on why he isn't a crook, why he should keep his job - and why the world really is about to end (no, really, it is). Well, Bishop Hill has had a look for us and has found the predictable, depressing censorship by the zealots continues unchecked:

Not a comprehensive survey, but of the first 50 comments on Pachauri's article in the Guardian, 18 were deleted.
Criticism is forbidden.

When it comes to the left and the climate change scam, comment isn't free, and, as Bishop Hill says, criticism is forbidden. I find that sinister, don't you? No scrutiny, no dissent, just the word of the IPCC and its tame propaganda outlets, such as, of course, the Grauniad.



  1. I had an account on the Graun website to comment on various things, but unaccountably (and with no communication) it went overnight to moderated-before-publication.

    I created a new account, criticised something Labourist, the comment got deleted. I queried why it was deleted (it broke no specific 'house rules') and that comment was completely disappeared (rather than shown as 'deleted').

    Free speech is completely absent on the Graun website.

    They disgust me.

  2. They disgust me too, but I've never, the Lord only knows why, had the full treatment. I got nearly 900 recommends for one comment once, too - on a vicious, ignorant, fascist Duncan Bannatyne column on smoking.

    Go figure, Tony.

    The Grauniad, online or off, is, and always has been, a joke.

  3. Neat spam 'patrick'. I'm impressed.


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