Friday, 2 April 2010

And I Quote...

Hunt: "...pushy little media tart"
Cool writer and all-round good egg, Toby Young, pulled no punches on his DT blog this afternoon in his description of Tristram Hunt. Hunt, as I understand it, is a nulab stooge pop-historian, Mandelson protege and BBC darling (no surprise there) who's just triggered a selection storm after being shoehorned into the Stoke on Trent Central safe Labour seat (are there any of those left?) in a risibly rigged run-off.

Someone called Gary Elsby, who is the local Labour party secretary apparently, is so angry, Toby Young reports, that he's now threatening to stand against Hunt as an independent. Marvellous.

Anyway, here's Young on Hunt:
I don’t think there’s anything exceptionally ghastly about Tristram Hunt. He’s clearly a pushy little media tart with an eye to the main chance, but that hardly makes him unusual within the modern Labour Party.
Ouch! But, you know, the truth often hurts, right?


The Spectator has an interesting scoop on the prospective anti-Hunt campaigner, Gary Elsby. He's a complete loony, and a very unpleasant one, too.

Curious bunch, these Labourists. Curious and corrupt.

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