Friday, 9 April 2010

The World Wants Britain To Vote Tory

Read this and weep, Labour wreckers.

The world expects a rational conclusion to the British general election, and that means kicking out this Labour government. Only idiots and socialists would fail to do that simple thing, and let the entire world down as a consequence. But idiots and socialists - they're one in the same thing, aren't they? They refuse to "get it".

"Don't let them [the British idiots and socialists] ruin Britain again," is the clear message from the rest of planet earth.

The only way forward for Britain, and the only way the international community will listen to Britain again (rather than being lectured to by an arrogant, unrepresentative weirdo like Brown), is by meeting their expectations by voting the arrogant fool out. Forever.

We absolutely musn't disappoint the world.

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