Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Cyanide On The Doorstep

Eight More Days...
Rachel Sylvester, late of the Telegraph, is in fine form this morning in her Times column. Her article, headlined "Labour is learning it does not have the right to exist", speculating on the death of Labour as a dominant political force in Britain, is well worth the read.

It's also notable for a quote in amongst its insightful commentary from a Labour Party candidate, which sort of sums up their main problem:
“Gordon is cyanide on the doorstep,” says one candidate from the front line of the campaign in what was once — but is no longer — a rock-solid Labour seat. But parties get the leaders they deserve and Labour too is behaving as if it has run out of steam and ideas.
You do get the leader you deserve, and in this case, because they didn't have the guts to stand up to him when he stole the Labour party in a carefully orchestrated, long-planned palace coup, becoming anointed leader and unelected prime minister, and because they didn't have the guts to dispose of him when it was clear just how much of a total political liability he was not long afterwards, they are now going down hard with him, perhaps for a generation or more - and fully deserve that destiny, which they brought upon themselves.

“Gordon Brown is Labour’s worst leader ever,” another government minister says, according to Sylvester.

Yes, and it's the worst government and collection of MPs ever that put him there.

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